Follow our Smart Panel Insiders for insights on the Smart Panel and the digital world. The Insiders write and vlog about their experiences in the panel, share their tips and thoughts on gadgets, apps, rewards and more. Share your thoughts about your experiences in the comments below. We want to hear from you! 

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We hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for new posts!


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  1. Dont Know How Long i Been a Member Would Be Nice If There Was a Way We Can See How Long We Been a Smart Panel Member.But Anyways Shout Out To Smart Panel, i Love My Experiences With You Guys Hopfully To See More.



    1. The only way I can see to tell is if you look back at your message board. Mine shows me the first message I received. It would be great if it would say in our account “member since…”

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  2. Thank you Smart Panel for letting me be a part of the group; I have been with the panel for a while now but uncertain how long, wish I could know how long I have been here, but as long as I’m here I am grateful Love Smart Panel as Well !!!



  3. i love being a member of smart panel if my device is not working well I make sure I get it fixed right away I don’t want to miss chances I have at loosing smart panel this one I can depend on all the time



  4. Hi I’ve been a smart panel for a few months now and I just love it I’m just reading the blog and There was a comment from Linda H back in November about extra surveys. I wasn’t aware of any surveys could you explain to me how you get surveys.



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