Christmas Memories

shutterstock_342049178What a delight to be able to share with the Smart Panel members some thoughts about the Holiday season and take a quick peek into 2017. Regardless of your specific faith beliefs you will have to concede December 25th will come as well as a brand new year. It’s my fondest wish that this season will bring you and yours abundant joy, happiness and hope!

My memories of Christmas are divided between two significant time frames; when I was single, and now with a family. Since I married later in life those two spans are about equal in time.

I’ve always been a person of faith so Christmas always included much involvement with the church.

Family is also so important to both Mary and I that this writing will focus on some of the traditions and memories as proud parents for 4 great kids.

Like a herd of elephants running downstairs

There was never quiet or quality of sleep on Christmas morning. The crew all about the same age sounded like a herd of elephants running downstairs eager to see what Santa brought them. The expression on their faces was always priceless!

Shreds of paper and crushed boxes were scattered all around the living room with everybody in their own individual corner figuring out their presents and comparing if each got a “fair shake”.

The longest period of the day for them was always between the Santa “HIGH” and waiting for the opening of the family gifts around 2:00 PM with a HUGE feast shortly thereafter. Even to this day the tradition of the 2:00 pm meal still holds, albeit with a few new members at the table. The other tradition was the selection of the person who would pass out the gifts for that year (a very prized responsibility).

Obviously, tech related gifts play a major role. In fact, several of this year’s gifts will include an app – and you better have the right model phone to make it work! At least no “easy to assembly” – LOL – presents on the Horizon.

A few other traditions and activities that are a must. At least one holiday concert to attend. A drive to selected areas of the city to view decorations and finally church related services.

It’s always a given to attend the 4:30 pm family Christmas Mass where a portion is devoted to the younger kids who put on a skit about the surroundings of the birth of Christ. The smaller kids almost too young to walk dressed up as forest creatures crawling/stumbling to the manger of Christ.

There’s so much more, but each of us could write a book about our special experiences during Christmas.

Just as the family is recuperating from the 25th, New Year’s Eve is right at the doorstep. With all of my brood in their 20s, It’s “PARTY TIME” and my prayers are always that they stay safe.

Major changes ahead

Looking ahead to 2017, there will be very major changes to the family. In June, a wedding has been planned. The first!!! It also looks very good for another daughter to get engaged and an outside chance for my third. My son will be graduating Xavier and based on his present grades perhaps ‘ SUMMA CUM LAUDE!!!!

Of course we never know what God has in store and what challenges and/or opportunities are out there. Always pray for good health and be strong in your faith!!!

Best wishes to all! – And “Deck the Halls”

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