The Holidays Are a Great Time to Remember to Be Grateful!

shutterstock_324517613I personally love the holidays. It is a great time to connect with friends and family while enjoying some time off from work. It is a time when I want to be home just hanging out with my family. Sure they sometimes can get on my nerves, but it feels good to relax and have no obligations. Today, the holidays have become a lot more about buying things for people. Consumerism has eroded some of the fun and added more stress to the holiday season. We should strive to keep the holidays more about connecting with people and less about the “stuff.”

Together with family

My family has always come together for Christmas and we have a few traditions that happen every year. We always watch It’s a Wonderful Life every year. The movie is a great reminder that everyone should be grateful for what you have. A lot of times we walk through life forgetting about all the people and places we have affected. The holidays are a great time to remember to be grateful! Another great thing about Christmas time is Christmas music and movies. It is the only time you can listen to and watch these holiday specific movies and music, so you might as well take advantage. I find they really help get in the holiday spirit. My favorite holiday movies are the classics like The Grinch, Rudolph, and Frosty. I remember watching these when I was a kid and I still enjoy them today.

The most important tradition for the holidays is getting together with family. Every year I have come back home for Christmas. I have so many great memories of laughing and talking to relatives. Some of my best memories are enjoying a meal with my family every year. I love being able to share what I’ve done throughout the year and hear what everyone else has been up to. I also have profound memories of playing in the snow with my brother or going sledding. I always loved running around in the snow and coming back inside for some warm hot chocolate.

Creating dreams instead of realistic objectives

After the holidays comes the New Year. This is a great time to commit to making changes in your life as a New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately most people fail in their commitments with statistics stating that only 8% of people realize their goals. I really think New Year’s resolutions are overhyped and over used. Instead of making a “resolution” I think it is far better to set goals. These goals should stretch you without being impossible. Too many people create dreams instead of realistic objectives. You can make better resolutions by setting milestones along the way and holding yourself accountable. Hard goals are much easier to achieve when you have someone motivating you. Check out to set monetary objectives that will force you to meet a goal (you have to give your friend or an organization you hate money if you fail). Staying motivated is the hardest part when setting a goal.

As you can probably tell I am not the biggest proponent of resolutions because I feel you should be making changes throughout your year. However, I do believe the New Year is a great time to start fresh and start with something you can believe in. I typically do not make resolutions, but I do set goals and milestones I can follow throughout the year. The moment we get static and refuse to keep learning is the moment we give up happiness. The New Year is a great time to make the changes you want and continue to learn about yourself and what you want!


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