Keeping in Touch through Social Media


When I was a kid, there were really only a few ways to contact your friends: write a letter, call them on the landline telephone, or, if they lived close enough, you could go directly to their house and knock on the door and see if they’re home. By the time I was in high school, you could email someone, instant message them on AIM (and compliment their witty away message), and if you were really lucky, you could call or text them with your cell phone (but only if they also had a cell phone, and only if you had the patience to press so many keys to type out your message on a T9 keypad).

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Connecting Everywhere with Our Networks


2017 is here and technology is going to be huge part of what is ahead this year. We finished the year with so much focus on social media and technology especially in the midst of the election. Social media websites and applications are by far the most used. We get our news through them, plan events, follow celebrities, and keep up with current trends. Most of our digital lives center around social media and I do not see this changing in 2017. Continue reading →

Charity Begins at Home


I chose to make a charitable donation to a local organization that helps the homeless, not only with overnight shelter but with building new lives. It’s the Eugene Mission, located in Eugene, Oregon, and their goals are to shelter more people nightly as well as develop a wellness program aimed at getting people off the streets and back into normal lives. Continue reading →

Predicting the Continued Expansion of Technology

Like a F-350, tank never empty
Dag everybody in the bank act friendly
Used to think my stuff didn’t stank boy was I wrong
Approving million dollar deals from my iPhone
– “Let The Beat Build” -Lil Wayne

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How Giving Gives Back


Christmas was lovely and spent with family. My father cooked a big Christmas Eve dinner and a big Christmas morning breakfast. My favorite part was when we all went out on Christmas morning and found the one coffee shop open Tarrytown, NY and enjoyed coffee and a beautiful mid-morning. I had a perfectly sweet New Year’s Eve – I invited some friends over to my place and after wine and cheese, we went off to a local restaurant/bar for burgers and champagne and rang in the New Year there. Then I walked home (no traveling and no public transportation for me! Yay!)

Today, I’m really happy to share with everyone my Charity Challenge experience. I live in NYC with about ten million other people, so when it comes to charity challenges, there are SO MANY directions in which to take.

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