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      1. Don, I ‘ve been on the panel for a short time now and I haven’t seen, heard, or been asked to do anything. What do I do on the Panel?
        Jane Johnson



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  2. One thing I wish smartphones and tablets had. I think that, say u r talking 2 your doctor’s office and they give you an appt. time, why is there not a way to keep them on the phone and check your phone’s calendar? Now, that would help a lot! Or a friend calls, wants to go to lunch.



  3. Iv been on it for lil bit now but I wish it showed how long u have been using so that u no when u can get ur money or if I’m close? but other then that it’s cool way to earn cash!!



  4. Interesting I’ve been on Smart Panel for quite a while now and enjoy all i have earned to use and shop Amazon wasn’t sure when i joined as i found there site while looking around for payed surveys Smart Panel is much easier don’t really have to do any thing it’s a nice plus to go along with other payed surveys and very glad i found this site much appreciated.

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