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Fourth of July

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Backyard barbecues, park picnics, and festive fireworks; it’s the time of year when the whole nation is singing Happy Birthday America!

This year the United States of America celebrated its 240th birthday and we want to know how you celebrated.

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3 of the best Travel Apps… you’ll actually use

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Have travel plans this summer? Want to know which apps and services to use to plan your vacation? We’ve rounded up a selection of the most popular tools for the digital-savvy traveler!

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How well do you know the Smart Panel?

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Since its formation, the Smart Panel has experienced a lot of growth and gone through some changes.

Whether you’ve been a part of the Smart Panel community from the start, or joined as recent as last week, check out this quiz to see how well you know the Smart Panel!

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Remember to sync your devices


Have you synced your devices today? It only takes a second, so sync them now with the push of a button.

If you don’t sync your devices, your Smart Panel account could become inactive and you won’t be eligible to earn your monthly and quarterly rewards.

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